Boots Fit for The President

Tony Lama is proud to craft custom boots for U.S. presidents

Photographs of boots and people Photographs of boots and people

In 1911, an Italian immigrant named Tony Lama set out to pursue the American dream. Little did the passionate entrepreneur know at the time, his name and company would become synonymous with an American icon: the cowboy boot.

In 1948, the Tony Lama team had the honor of presenting President Harry S. Truman with a custom-crafted pair of kangaroo skin boots. These boots, named “El Presidente,” sparked a tradition of offering a pair of boots for several United States presidents.

When tasked with the honor of crafting boots for the Commander-in-Chief, quality matters. For over a century now, our artisans have perfected every step of the bootmaking process. Each pair of Tony Lama boots are crafted with the utmost attention to detail to ensure exceptional quality of the finest materials. Tony Lama’s legacy lives on today in the iconic city of El Paso, Texas, where the bootmaker put his roots down. The men and women who work there proudly carry the tradition of creative innovation forward each day.