Tony Lama Men's 1911 Collection

Crafted with time-honored techniques mastered by our legendary founder, these new men's classics are crafted with premium leathers in patterns that never go out of style.

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Men's 1911 Boot Collection

When it comes to high-quality, stylish and dressy boots, the Tony Lama men's 1911 boot collection is a top choice. This collection honors the brand's founding date in 1911 and is a celebration of the brand's rich history and commitment to craftsmanship.

The collection is made from the finest exotic materials, including ostrich, caiman, and others. These materials are carefully selected to create boots that are both stylish and durable, perfect for those who appreciate the best of both worlds.

Each pair of boots in the 1911 collection is handcrafted by skilled artisans who pay great attention to detail and use the finest materials to create boots that are both stylish and functional. The boots are made to last and will stand the test of time.

The 1911 collection is perfect for dressy and special occasion events, with a combination of classic western styles and premium exotic materials that makes them truly unique. From the intricate stitching to the perfect fit, every aspect of the 1911 collection is designed to impress.

The Tony Lama men's 1911 boot collection is a perfect choice for those who appreciate high-quality, stylish and dressy boots. To recognize the brand's excellence in craftsmanship, this collection honors their founding date of 1911. It is a tribute to the rich heritage and unwavering dedication that have made them a leading name for luxurious western boots. Each pair of boots is handcrafted from the finest exotic materials and designed to last for many occasions to come. Whether you're looking for boots for a wedding, a night out, or simply want to make a statement, the 1911 collection is the perfect choice.