Tony Lama Women's Arena Collection

Whether you're saddling up for a long day at a show or hitting the town, our Arena boots for women have the dynamic details and comfort you need.

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Women's Arena Boots Collection

Riding boots are a must-have for any equestrian, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. And when it comes to quality and style, it's hard to beat the Tony Lama Women's Arena Boots collection. These boots are designed specifically for riding, with features that will help you perform at your best and look great while doing it.

One of the standout features of these boots is the spur ridge. This design element is incorporated into the heel of the boot, providing a secure and stable platform for your foot and ankle as you ride. This is especially important for those who show, as it allows you to maintain a proper position in the saddle without worrying about your foot slipping.

In addition to the spur ridge, the riding heel of these boots is also noteworthy. It's slightly higher than a traditional heel, providing just the right amount of lift to keep your foot in the correct position while riding. This heel height also makes these boots suitable for use in the show ring, allowing you to make a stylish impression.

Finally, it's worth noting that these boots are also stylish enough for everyday wear, thanks to a buckaroo style design. This gives them a distinctive western look, making them perfect for wear at the barn and on the town. Overall the Tony Lama Women's Arena Boot is a perfect blend of performance and style making them the ideal choice for riding, showing, or any other equestrian activity.