Tony Lama Women's TLX Collection

Boots for women who work hard and demand excellence every step of the way, with premium components for superior performance.

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Women's TLX Work Boot Collection

Tony Lama is proud to present the TLX collection of women's work boots, designed with safety and comfort in mind. These boots are the perfect choice for women who demand the best in performance and technology.

Built with a safety toe, these boots are OSHA compliant and provide extra protection for your feet on the job. The nano comp toe is a lightweight, durable alternative to traditional steel toes, making these boots a great option for those who are on their feet for long periods of time.

The waterproof and slip resisting features of these boots ensure that your feet will stay dry and safe, even in the toughest working conditions. And when it comes to comfort, the TLX collection has you covered. The boots are designed with technology that provides superior cushioning and support, helping to reduce fatigue throughout the day.

The Tony Lama TLX collection of women's work boots is the ideal choice for women who need a boot that can stand up to the demands of their job while providing the comfort and safety they need. These boots are built to last, and with its waterproof, slip resisting and safety toe feature, it is designed to protect your feet while you work hard in comfort.